UNEX Rack Rollers

Rack rollers take advantage of natural gravity to shelve boxes using a rear-load design. As a box is placed behind an existing one on the rack, the rollers push the box in front forward, with gravity helping to pull it further. In exchange, when a box from the front of the line is removed, corresponding boxes behind it move forward to take its place. Rack rollers provide your warehouse operations to run more smoothly and efficiently, improving overall productivity. Inventory is also easier to keep track of and control, since products are visible and the rack rollers do not allow space between boxes.

Unex offers unique rack and track structures for rack roller usage. Rack rollers allow operations that include carton flow to improve their pick rates, space, efficiency, travel time, and ultimately their operational costs. Units are adjustable, making them more flexible to your needs.


Improving productivity is important for every warehouse operation. Rack rollers allow pickers greater visibility and better access, which ultimately reduces strain on workers and allows greater speed. Roller rack speeds themselves will increase along with picker speed increase, which increases productivity from both the worker and the racks. FIFO rotation has never been easier – newest product is always placed in the back, pushing oldest product forward automatically.

Rack rollers by UNEX are cheaper than traditional pallet racks, saving on setup costs instantly. Over time their durability and hold up will reduce operational costs in the long run. Various sizes and depths are available for all your warehouse operational needs – and can be custom ordered if available sizes and depths will not work for your operation.

Both regular and knuckle rack rollers are available. Rack rollers are standalone tracks with four lanes and ideal in single or continuous bays of carton flow. Knuckled roller racks are standalone racks with “internal knuckles” which make them ideal for supermarket operations, or split case picking. Units can be added with ease, creating more room as your operations expand. As quickly as they can be added, units can also be taken away, for when your operation does not need the extra help. Units can be taken apart and stored in a smaller space, making them useful only when needed.

Roller racks are lighter than other racks due to their new lightweight steel design, so shipping them is more cost efficient for you. They are also easy to assemble, reducing setup times and costs and getting your operation into business faster.